Authorization Object: J_B_MARKET

IS-B: STC Authorization Object For Market Data

Category: Treasury



This authorization object is used in authorization checks for yield
curve evaluations.

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Object Fields

The list below includes the object’s fields, ordered by industry-standard importance:

ACTVT Activity Filled in 100% of cases


Popularity Statistics

Average popularity of J_B_MARKET in roles: 0% (What does this mean?)
Average popularity of J_B_MARKET by users: 1% (What does this mean?)

Object J_B_MARKET is frequently used by users in the following areas:
BC:Basis Components

Environmental Analysis

1. Common authorization objects used with J_B_MARKET:

  2. Appearance of J_B_MARKET in T-Codes:

JB69 Maintain Int. Rates for Yield Curves Used in 100% of cases
JB69T TimeOFday dep. IR’s for Zcurves pf1 Used in 100% of cases
JBYC Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curves Used in 50% of cases

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