Authorization Object: M_CUFO_MCS

Customizing Update Parameters: Application

Category: Data Collection



This authorization object makes it possible to limit the change made to
update parameters.
The object is checked in Customizing of Logistics Controlling if you
change the time unit split or update type of an information structure.

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Object Fields

The list below includes the object’s fields, ordered by industry-standard importance:

MCAPP Number Of Application Filled in 100% of cases


Popularity Statistics

Average popularity of M_CUFO_MCS in roles: 0% (What does this mean?)
Average popularity of M_CUFO_MCS by users: 1% (What does this mean?)

Object M_CUFO_MCS is frequently used by users in the following areas:
BC:Basis Components

Environmental Analysis

1. Common authorization objects used with M_CUFO_MCS:

  2. Appearance of M_CUFO_MCS in T-Codes:

OMO1 Update Maintenance: SIS Used in 100% of cases
OMO2 Update Maintenance: PURCHIS Used in 100% of cases
OMO3 Update Maintenance: External Data Used in 100% of cases
OMO9 Update Maintenance: INVCO Used in 100% of cases
OMOD Update Maintenance: SFIS Used in 100% of cases
OMOF Update Maintenance: User-Defined App Used in 100% of cases
OMOR Update Maintenance: QMIS Used in 100% of cases
OMOS Update Maintenance: PMIS Used in 100% of cases
OMOT Updating maintainence: TIS Used in 100% of cases
OMOY Maintain Updating: Warehouse Mgmt Used in 100% of cases
OMOZ Update Maintenance: Logistics Genrl Used in 100% of cases

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