Authorization Object: S_LANG_ADM

Language Administration

Category: Language Transport



This object is checked for all activities carried out in connection
with language administration. These activities are import, export,
language supplementing and the maintenance of language administration
The object consists of two fields:
Table name : Together with the field Activity it allows
you to access various language tables.
Possible values:
TLSYS: Maintenance of the language import table
TLSY2: Maintenance of language supplementing
TLSY3: Export, import and language supplementing; space check;
reset lock indicator.
TLSY7: Display the import history and the import log
Activity: Operations allowed.
Possible values:
02: Maintenance of language import tables and language
03: Display import log and history.
05: Reset the lock indicator
16: Start import, export and language supplementing
30: Space check and import check

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Object Fields

The list below includes the object’s fields, ordered by industry-standard importance:

ACTVT Activity Filled in 100% of cases
TABLE Table Name Filled in 100% of cases


Popularity Statistics

Average popularity of S_LANG_ADM in roles: 0% (What does this mean?)
Average popularity of S_LANG_ADM by users: 1% (What does this mean?)

Object S_LANG_ADM is frequently used by users in the following areas:
BC:Basis Components

Environmental Analysis

1. Common authorization objects used with S_LANG_ADM:

  2. Appearance of S_LANG_ADM in T-Codes:

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