About Authorization Experts

Authorization Experts is a knowledge center for SAP authorizations created by a group of IT experts. Its purpose is to arm people who work closely with user authorizations – authorization managers, auditors, CISOs – with in-depth knowledge about SAP authorizations. Throughout the site, you’ll discover cumulative data and analytics you won’t find anywhere else.

We provide this powerful free information to help you understand complex authorization structures, and the relationships and popularity of authorization objects. This information will not only enable you to grant authorizations more effectively, but also spot irregular and missing user permissions.


Our Mission

Over the years, we’ve collected extensive amounts of statistical data and gained immeasurable, in-depth knowledge about authorizations in general, SAP authorizations, users and authorization roles, processes of granting authorizations and access review.
We want to share that knowledge and empower authorization managers and auditors from a different angle – not with a tool, but with a knowledge-based infrastructure that serves as the foundation for use with other analytical tools. Our goal is to continue developing this website with updated information and advanced knowledge on a regular basis.


Our Resources

Authorization Experts is comprised of statistical data from our customers, analysis reports from Xpandion’s ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations, in-depth professional knowledge from consultants all over the world, deep hands-on knowledge from our champions at client sites and analytic tools that have been developed by Xpandion.


We Want to Hear From You

If you’re in the industry, tell us what you’d like to see on Authorization Experts. We simply can’t do this alone. We have the raw data and tools, but your experience and knowledge is equally as valuable. Please leave us a comment in the form below to make a suggestion or give additional input.


Now that you’ve been empowered with the knowledge to take charge of your SAP authorizations get a tool to monitor them.