The following is taken from the eBook “The SAP Authorization Concept – Authorization Simplified:

The SAP Authorization Concept

The SAP Authorization Concept protects SAP systems against unauthorized access and system use – and can be viewed as the KEY to SAP security. It enables authorizations to be centrally-managed. Users (individuals with unique IDs that allow them to log onto and use a specific SAP system) are granted the authority to perform certain specific actions, and are not allowed to perform any actions for which they have not been granted authorizations.

Authorization Object

The Authorization Object is the basic element – or building block – of the SAP Authorization Concept. Every Authorization Object is a separate entity and, all have equal weight within the SAP environment. The term ‘Company’ (which can stand for a global branch, a department within a specific branch, or other segment within the organizational structure) is an example of a standard Authorization Object within the SAP concept. Other examples of standard SAP Authorization Objects are ‘Warehouse’, ‘Document Type’ and ‘Transaction Code’. In addition to standard SAP Authorization Objects, organizations can create their own unique Authorization Objects; whose names should always begin with either the letter ‘Y‘ or ‘Z’.

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