Authorization Object: S_CCM_RECV

Authorizations For Transferring Central Sysrepos Data

Category: Monitoring



This authorization object is tested by the CCMS function modules of
function group SALRECVR. These function modules implement a generic
data transport method that is used by the central system management
infrastructure of the CCMS monitoring architecture to report data from
remotely managed systems into the central system.
The authorization object is used to determine first
Whether the caller of the data receiver function module is authorized
to accept data. The required authorization is in this case activity P0
and the table name must be set to CSMNUDATA.
Whether the caller of the data processing module is authorized to enter
transferred data in tables in the central system. The required
authorization is in this case P1 and the table name of the target
table. As of Release 4.7 (after 4.6B), the ONLY permissible table name
in any authorization with activity P1 is table CSMBK. Adding
authorizations for other table names naturally opens the data transfer
mechanism to other tables – but this may be done only at the EXPLICIT
instruction of SAP or by delivery from SAP, as application mechanisms
for verifying incoming data are circumvented by this data transfer
Whether a user is permitted to maintain the table that associates
function modules for special processing of data transferred with this
mechanism. If such a function module is associated with a table, then
it is called to process the generically-transferred data for the table.
In this case, the ACTVT is P2 and the table is CSMNUMETH.

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Object Fields

The list below includes the object’s fields, ordered by industry-standard importance:

ACTVT Activity Filled in 100% of cases
TABLE Table Name Filled in 93% of cases


Popularity Statistics

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Object S_CCM_RECV is frequently used by users in the following areas:
BC:Basis Components

Environmental Analysis

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