Authorization Object: S_SPO_ACT

Spool: Actions

Category: Print and Output Management



Authorization to perform actions on spool requests protected with
authorization character strings.
Use in the system: Only checked if the explicit or implicit value in
the authorization attribute field of a spool request is not the same as
the user ID of the user accessing it.
The authorization is not checked if users access their own unprotected
spool requests.
Examples: Authorization is checked when users attempt to access the
spool request of another user. Authorization is not checked if users
attempt to delete their own spool request, and the authorization field
in the spool request is either initial or contains the user’s ID.
The authorization is, therefore, mainly of interest for users who
administer spool requests in the output controller. These users must
access the spool requests of other users. This requires a S_SPO_ACT
(spool: actions) authorization, in addition to the spool administration
authorization (S_ADMI_FCD, system functions).

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Object Fields

The list below includes the object’s fields, ordered by industry-standard importance:

SPOACTION Authorization Field For Spool Actions Filled in 100% of cases
SPOAUTH Value For Authorization Check Filled in 91% of cases


Popularity Statistics

Average popularity of S_SPO_ACT in roles: 0% (What does this mean?)
Average popularity of S_SPO_ACT by users: 5% (What does this mean?)

Object S_SPO_ACT is frequently used by users in the following areas:
BC:Basis Components
FI:Financial Accounting

Environmental Analysis

1. Common authorization objects used with S_SPO_ACT:

S_PACKSTRU Internal SAP Use: Package Structure Objects appear together in 77% of cases
S_PROJECT Project Management: Project Authorization Objects appear together in 47% of cases
S_ALV_LAYO ALV Standard Layout Objects appear together in 36% of cases
S_BDS_DS BC-SRV-KPR-BDS: Authorizations For Document Set Objects appear together in 36% of cases
S_DEVELOP ABAP Workbench Objects appear together in 36% of cases
S_TRANSLAT Translation Environment Authorization Object Objects appear together in 36% of cases
S_SPO_PAGE Spool: Restriction On Maximum Number Of Pages Objects appear together in 25% of cases
S_SPO_DEV Spool: Device Authorizations Objects appear together in 16% of cases
S_ADMI_FCD System Authorizations Objects appear together in 5% of cases

  2. Appearance of S_SPO_ACT in T-Codes:

SP01O Spool Controller Used in 100% of cases
SP02O Display Output Requests Used in 100% of cases
SP1T Output Control (Test) Used in 100% of cases
SE11_OLD ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance Used in 88% of cases
SP02 Display Spool Requests Used in 75% of cases
SPAD Spool Administration Used in 69% of cases
SP01 Output Controller Used in 66% of cases

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